Our Testimonials

Accepting the Challenge & Changing the Narrative

It has been an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Daiman Johnson and the Achievement Initiative Foundation (AIF). They were assigned to assist the My Brother’s Keeper program, by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The objective was clear, we wanted to know how to grow our existing initiative so that we could serve a larger number of young men of color; our target population. I can honestly say that the assistance they provided, far exceeded any expectation we had initially. Mr. Johnson addressed the goal in a very clear and methodical manner. In three short months, he was able to assist us in clarifying our vision, and develop a strategic plan for its implementation. This allowed us to move forward in executing that plan. Trust me what I say it was worth much more than the time and money invested to get assistance from the Achievement Initiative Foundation (AIF). I highly recommend the Achievement Initiative Foundation (AIF) and their related services to anyone that is in need of conscience, competent and committed consultation to assist them in transforming their vision into a successful reality.
~Robert Nelson (Director of Entrepreneurship for My Brother’s Keeper, Fort Worth, TX Chapter)
Johnson partnered with our program in exploring our current population of mentors and our recruitment and marketing efforts. He guided our team in having meaningful discussions around racial equity and brought us to thoughtfully examine our practices. Together we addressed how we can reach communities of color and better support our youth, creating a recruitment plan that we will use moving forward. Our team is now much better equipped for this work and we are looking forward to putting it into practice. His passion and knowledge was outstanding and I hope that we will cross paths again in the future!
~Lauren Kapuranis (The Adoption Exchange)
The Achievement Initiative Foundation (AIF) provides insights for young African-American men in way unlike many other organizations. These young men are given first-hand experiences on the infinite opportunities waiting for them in the outside world. The foundation’s approach of shedding real and positive light on the potential of these young men is refreshing in time when they are often surrounded by negativity.
~Donald Moore, (Principal, Crenshaw High School)
The level of knowledge I’ve attained during my time with Daiman Johnson and training sessions with Johnson are priceless. I know advance educators of color in the US and I teach in a high school curriculum I wrote. Never would have been possible if I didn’t learn from the best!

The workshops were impactful and offered information on the varied opportunities within the community to assist with the academic development of our young minds.
~Robyn Carroll (Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles Principal, Los Angeles, CA)
Insightful work on how the education system impacts boys of color.
(Atlanta Public Schools Educator, Atlanta, GA)
The workshops elevates and engages with the topics of boys and young men of color in a dynamic, challenging, and reflective way. It dispelled beliefs, opened dialogue, and made me want to change my own behavior.

The trainings are relevant and inspiring. I look forward to applying what I learned.
~Dr. Yan Searcy (California State University at Northridge)
Daiman is a very talented, engaging presenter who obviously has a wealth of experience. His is passionate about supporting people in increasing their personal awareness and impact on their communities…… A mapping of the Achievement Initiative Foundation (AIF) is a great place to start or continue to increase your awareness and positive impact.
~Shakoya Greene (Los Angeles, CA)
The most useful part of the Brilliance Collective Equity Academy was that it provided me with a path and the support to begin a personal journey. Knowing that I was not going to be judged by Daiman gave me the courage to be real with myself. His appreciation and understanding of the real work, the hard and difficult (often emotional) work allowed/forced me to be honest with myself.

I love how Daiman Johnson made us uncomfortable and then had us examine how uncomfortable we are.

The class has afforded me the opportunity to wrestle with assumptions, beliefs, and even views that I held as absolute truth. It has forced me to really think about some points of my faith and politics and to really sift my world view through those lenses.

I am thankful for the lens I have gained through which I can view my student and my curriculum to make lessons that connect to the culture they are part of. I am excited to take this back to my classroom. This lens also gives me insight into building meaningful relationships with my students.

Johnson is so passionate and open about his life and own experiences as a person of color and as an educator. His passion is both something that I look up to and strive to have in my field. I like the use of all of the music and lyrics. The only change I would make, is a little bit more time for group discussion during the classes.

Brilliance Collective Equity Academy has been an eye-opening and character building addition to my teaching career. I believe every educator, novice to veteran, primary to university, person of color to caucasian should attend and immerse themselves in Brilliance Collective Equity Academy if they truly want to reach ALL of their students in a productive and positive way.

I have changed the way I write my lesson plans, teach my lessons, look at my kids, treat my kids, and how I look and treat others outside of the walls of my school.
~Shakoya Greene (Los Angeles, CA)