Meet Our Team

Accepting the Challenge & Changing the Narrative

Daiman Johnson
Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Achievement Initiative Foundation (AIF) was founded in 2020 by Daiman Johnson, a Los Angeles-area educator, school leader, and educational architect whose life experiences and professional expertise led to AIF’s founding.

  • Daiman Johnson: Chief Executive Officer/Achievement Initiative Foundation (AIF)
  • Dr. Dedrick Sims: Chief Executive Officer/Sims-Fayola Foundation (Denver)
  • Dora Sergeant: Chief Financial Officer
  • Joy Sims: Human Resources and Operations Coordinator
  • April Martinez: Programs Manager
  • Arvian Harper: Instructional Support Coach
  • Preston Littlejohn: Empowerment Coach (Denver)
  • Empowerment Zone Coordinator: TBD
  • Xavier Foster: Empowerment Coach (Colorado Springs)
  • Allen Richardson: Empowerment Coach (Toledo, OH)
  • Himyo Greene: Brilliance  Coach (Los Angeles)
  • Darryl McKeller: Brilliance  Coach (Los Angeles)
  • Paul Bellows: Brilliance  Coach (Los Angeles)